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Anime And Sonic - A Closer Look
In my previous article I was talking about the much needed connection of Sonic and anime. In this one I’m going to dive deeper by looking at the main relationships, and how anime takes them on.
By “main relationships”, I am referring to one of my favorite friend-trios ever: Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles (it’s been a while since these three have been together as friends, amirite?). While Sonic is clearly the “leader” of the trio, literally anyone could take up the role, due to their evenness of character and interacting together (PLEASE don’t get me wrong. I’m talking about their CHARACTER, not their actual abilities that was shown in Heroes). Unfortunately, Sonic and Tails became more into the spotlight, and Knuckles kind of faded out, personality head first.
Then this left Sonic and Tails; this at first was nothing to complain about, but even their relationship made a sudden turn, also.
Let’s see a couple of points in the games of wha
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Why I Love Rouge That Sexy Bat (II)
(A re-written version)
So what's so important about her? You may think she's not a great character, but, according to SEGA, she is at the very least an important character.
"Important in Sonic's life?" you may ask. Well, not in the character; as in the universe.
What Rouge brings to the table and obliteration of the whole idea that "Sonic is/was always for kids" or "Sonic is for families" - simply herself.
While her design does help my arguement along a bit (obviously referring to her contours), it's also what she is.
Let's slap right off to my points...
In SA2, Rouge's clothes are probably not what most parents would vote as "Most audience friendly outfits of the year".
If you find it "Pfft, whatever" worthy, just remember that there also is a bit of "action" within her outfits.
Ok. Maybe I'm getting over the top.
If that's so, then why would anyone try to "de-design" Rouge?
Let's compare:
2001: http://static.gia
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Connecting Sonic And Anime(Japanese Culture)
It's often quite hard to convince Sonic fans the idea of anime without their getting the wrong idea.
First, there's the rejection of it - "Just look at Sonic X!” You may shriek. “Are you out of your mind?!" Then there’s the embracing of it -"I don't see the hate for Sonic X. It's a decent (or great) show."
Then there's the acknowledgement of the OVA, but otherwise no-one really knows what Sonic and anime would look like without it.
I don't know which response makes me sadder, the first, second, or third.
First off, I actually agree with the first response (to a point, anyway). Sonic X has to be the worse shows (let alone ANIME) I have ever seen; uninteresting, dry, and much too unrealistic to consider believing for a second. I mean, seriously, the writing was so obviously lazy on the last half of the series it was resorted to using game plots.
Plot aside, there’s possibly even worse laziness – in the animation. Every show ha
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Kid At Play by Siorah Kid At Play :iconsiorah:Siorah 3 0
Why I love Rouge That Sexy Bat
Decoding Key: When I say Sonic = the character, when I say *Sonic = universe wise, when I say SONIC = the franchise
I would make an introduction like I mostly do with things like this, but I must cut to the chase.
The reason why I am so fascinated with Rouge is because she is an extremely unique character. In *Sonic terms I mean. Out of all those lovely characters, she is the only one that actually defines who SONIC is for.
Sonic has always, perhaps after 2 1/2 years of being thrown into the world of VGs, been frequently called a cartoon, childish etc. But...If you look at Rouge, that wouldn't really fit the typical view of Sonic, right? LOOK at her.
What is SEGA trying to do?! THROW AWAY their fanbase?!
Unlike what the "Shadow re-color" believers think, he wasn't the only new character in SA2, though the most known; in fact there are more than 3 new characters in the game.
Rouge's introduction to us about her character wasn't a mistake, anymore than Shadow's introduction. I mean, SEGA
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Sonic The Hedgehog: Battle Pose (Theme) by Siorah Sonic The Hedgehog: Battle Pose (Theme) :iconsiorah:Siorah 8 3 Shadow the Hedgehog Vegeta pic by Siorah Shadow the Hedgehog Vegeta pic :iconsiorah:Siorah 2 0


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